Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Protocol

General Precautions:

– NO shoulder IR behind the back and hip until 12 weeks
– NO shoulder extension past neutral for 6 weeks
Week 0-2
– Patient to do home exercises – pendulums, elbow/wrist ROM, neck ROM, grip strengthening

Week 2-12

– Begin therapy for PROM, and progress to AAROM and AROM within precautions above
– No active IR for 12 weeks
– Begin isometric deltoid (FF/ABD) strengthening at 4 weeks
– No resisted shoulder extension or scapular retraction
– NO weight bearing or CKC activities through operative arm until 12 weeks
– Elbow and wrist/grip strengthening is OK
– ROM Goals:
o 90° FF / 10° ER at 6 weeks
o 160° FF / 20° ER at 12 weeks

Week 12+

– Continue ROM exercises to progress to functional elevation of the shoulder
– Begin isometrics shoulder ER and extension at neutral
– Progress deltoid and periscapular strengthening with bands and free weights as tolerated