BICEPS TENODESIS PREparation and recovery

Preparation for Surgery:

  • Medical clearance from your primary care physician is required for all patients, ages 35 and older, and must be completed at least 2 weeks before and no more than 30 days prior to surgery.  If you are scheduled to see your physician less than 14 days prior to surgery, this may result in your surgery being delayed.  


  • If you have any underlying cardiac conditions/history, you will also be required to obtain cardiac clearance prior to surgery.   


  • We encourage you to have your lab work and EKG done at the hospital prior to seeing your primary care physician, as many primary care offices no longer perform blood work in their office.


  • Seven days prior to surgery, please do not take any anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medications (Celebrex, Ibuprofen, Aleve, Naprosyn, Advil, Aspirin, etc.) as this could result in increased bleeding during surgery.  If you are on blood thinners these will also need to be stopped prior to surgery.  Timing will need to be coordinated with the prescribing physician and Dr. Drake.


  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the day before surgery. You may use a small sip of water the morning of surgery to take your normal medications. This includes your blood pressure medicine, which in general should be taken. Consult your primary care doctor regarding medication and insulin instructions prior to surgery. 


  • Post-operative pain medication will be sent to your pharmacy prior to the date of surgery.  We recommend you pick up your prescriptions at least 2 days before surgery in the event there is a shortage of medication at your preferred pharmacy.